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We’ve learned a lot from creating videos for lots of businesses. We learn their priorities,
their industries, and mostly we learn about their marketing. Over time, we’ve noticed two
key things.

     1) They’re really good at nailing down the core features of their product or service
     2) And when we speak to them we notice that they are always really passionate
         about what they do

But there’s one thing that they’re not as good at. Combining the two. Communicating their
passion and personality whilst they explain the features and benefits of their product.

It’s easy to see why this happens. As you focus more and more on improving your product
you improve specifications and create new benefits.

And you want everyone to know about these improvements.

But this means that as you explain everything, your marketing can turn into a
specifications sheet. It can become dry and, well, a little dull.

So how do you make sure that the passion you had when you started working on your
business shines through your marketing?
Start by asking why 
At Royal Media Studio, we love the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek. And if you want
to take your marketing from good to great, you should absolutely go and read it. It will
change the way you look at your marketing and business.

But today we want to introduce you to the key concept.  [click to continue...]
Explainer videos aren’t just for B2C
Most people think of video marketing as only being relevant when selling to consumers.
And you can understand why they might think that. But they couldn’t be further from the

Videos feel personal, allow you to show your brand, and really engage with an audience.
These are all priorities in business to consumer (B2C) marketing but seem to be
overlooked when it comes to business to business (B2B).

Many B2B companies stick to the safe and dry marketing communications because they
want to look ‘professional’ and don’t understand how to effectively communicate their
brand at the same time.

But one way to do this really well is with video. And if you look at the goals of your B2B
marketing campaigns, it also aligns really well. Many marketers are learning this and
76% of B2B Marketers are creating videos as part of their marketing strategy.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why video can be effective.
Helps the B2B Sales Process
When compared to B2C, B2B sales processes are complex.

They can involve numerous sales meetings with prospect companies. Then there is often
an internal sign off process where you’re not involved. This means you’re relying on others
to sell for you.

They may not remember the key points of your service and they don’t have the answers to
all questions.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why video can be effective. [click to continue...]
For many businesses, when you think about video you think one thing: the explainer
video. Whether it’s describing your service or showcasing your product, explainer videos
can help you engage with customers, communicate your benefits and convert viewers.
But, videos can be used across your whole marketing strategy. When they’re used right,
they make current customers into super fans who are engaged with your brand,
recommend you to friends, and act as ambassadors.

Let’s dive into six creative ways of engaging your customers with video, and the brands
that do it.
Communicating in a different way: AT&T
Videos are great at explaining complicated messages in a clear and visually appealing
way. AT&T decided to take a key process and make it easier to understand for customers.
The dreaded bill.

Cell phone bills are complicated. There are fees, additional charges, and multiple phone
lines. It’s not always clear why some charges appear. For cell phone companies, this
means customer complaints and low satisfaction scores.

AT&T decided to be proactive. They created in-bill videos.

These videos provide a customized message to customers. When a statement is ready,
customers receive a link. When clicked, it launches a tailor-made video of your bill. The
video talks you through it and explains the charges.

Customers understand, so they’re happier. Exactly what you want. Click below to see it in
Educational: Wine Library TV
We couldn’t create a list of creative ways to engage customers and overlook Gary
Vaynerchuk could we? He’s proved time and again that if you have passion, it will shine
through in your content...[click to continue...]
by DIEGO ARTEAGA on MAY 9, 2017
We’ve all been there. You build your product. Create a website. Buy Google Ads and promote it in your social media account. But you don’t make any sales. You read every article on improving conversions that you can find. You re-write the copy, change the design. Even play around with the button colors. But it makes no difference. People aren’t buying.

The problem is that nobody understands what you’re selling. Or they at least don’t understand it well enough to buy. This is the same problem that was facing Zencastr. Zencastr helps podcasters record their guests in studio quality, just by sending them a link.

Zencastr is a bootstrapped business and like all bootstrapped businesses, ROI is everything. They needed a tactic that would tell their brand story and improve conversions. They didn’t have big budgets to spend and they didn’t have a huge team capable of implementing labor or time intensive strategies.

So for them, there was only one answer: they chose to use an explainer video.

Do you struggle to communicate your product or service and your brand? Or have you thought about using explainer videos but don’t know where to start? Don't fear. We’ve got a special bonus for you at the bottom of this post. 

Why Zencastr chose video 

With all of the options available to them, Zencastr knew there was only one answer. Explainer videos follow the key principles of conversion marketing... [click to continue...]
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